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Running With Rifles Stats (RWRS) is a site (but not only!) created by and for Running With Rifles (RWR) players: it aims to be your everyday RWR companion tool.

If you don't know RWR already: it's a very noice top-down shooter game. There's a free demo waiting for you!

What's RWRS?

RWR may be played online on servers with other people. Official servers for vanilla RWR are called "Invasion", the ones for the Pacific and Edelweiss DLCs are called "WW2 DLCs".

Players profile on these servers are persisted (just like Battlefield): RWRS allows you to check your player profile statistics for these servers, as well as access to the public servers list (server browser).

But it's not limited to these features, RWRS can do way more things. There's also a handy Discord bot available on the official RWR Discord server (#rwrs channel).

Author and genesis

RWRS was created by Maxime "Epoc" Gross (AKA EpocDotFr) out of the frustration of the official servers list and official players list pages not being user-friendly and not giving valuable information for us, players. RWRS was then born on October 3, 2017.


Thanks to

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Legal, the affiliated Discord bot and the RWRS REST API are provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied.